“I have always struggled with coordinating my wardrobe and making maximum use of my clothes. My frustration with always wearing the same black outfit out of shear convenience and lack of knowing how to dress any other way inspired me to seek an image consultant. 

When I found Ola Munia, founder of Ola Munia Image Consulting, she asked questions that enabled her to determine what my individual style was, what look I was drawn to, what my interests were, and what my comfort level was from the actual clothing pieces in my closet to my colour preferences to amazing accessorizing ideas. Ola’s goal was to support me in finding a style that reflected who I am, rather than just what I do. She took the time to get to know me as a person, without any judgement, in order to create a look that celebrated my true self. 

I am now addicted to Ola and her daily blog posts as she offers image ideas that are easily adapted to what I already own, as well as, great inspirations for that special piece I might be looking for. Ola Munia is filled with an enthusiasm for life and fashion like no one I have ever met. When you meet and work with her, you will feel like you are the most special person living on this earth.”

Diana Reyers

CEO, Daringly Mindful™ Authenticity Coaching


“Ola is an extremely knowledgeable and caring image consultant. She shares her extensive toolkit easily and without reservation. Ola has a great balance of patient listening and imparting knowledge. She made me feel extremely comfortable and I learned how to maximize my favorite attributes and minimize trouble areas. I highly recommend Ola to help you find your inner-confidence through an image consultation.”

Megan Assarrane

Demand Generation Marketing Manager at Ipswitch, Inc.


“Ola Munia’s Webinar, Fall Fashion Trends and Transitions, was filled with great content on style: what’s current and also what’s classic. Ola is an
amazing fashion blogger, not just because she knows what looks good on her but because her knowledge is backed up by her professional experience, her education at The London Image Institute and her participation in the Association of Image Consultants International.” 

Dawn Stanyon, AICI FLC

Professionality Consulting